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Mixed live from vinyl back in 2000. Turn of the century Drum’n'bass style with tracks from Seba, Blame, Omni Trio, Alaska & Paradox + others. Opening sequence is Nobukazu Takemura followed by Seba’s Waveform.

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Quote from the original CD cover for Meme

Poetry is “an anthology of transit,” said William Carlos Williams, attentive to Marianne Moore’s way of collecting and spacing [quotations]. He did not say, an anthology of phrases; he perceived that the poetic energy, something new on the poet’s page, was discernible in the unstated connections between them. The quotations concentrate idiosyncratic energy; the poem’s tensile energy, equally idiosyncratic, pulsates between them. … No poem is an end product. Each is a controlled transformational process. As the cables of a suspension bridge graph a system of stresses, the words on the page plot stabilized energies.

Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era (Univ. of California Press, 1971), 168, 171